Land to Sea NYC


Graphic design
Mixed media


Instructor: Jeremy Leung
Facilitators: Eva Zhou, Emily Shum
Graphic designer: Jeremy Leung


In Spring 2024, I partnered with Brooklyn-based venue Land to Sea to teach a 3-hour educational workshop. The theme was an exploration of collage in conjuction with various photo-manipulation techniques. This event was an extension of my 2023 group exhibition “Soft Fragments”, where I made a concerted effort to bring together my love of photography and acrylic paint.


Participants had the opportunity to experiment with a diverse array of mixed media, including paper cutouts, acrylic paint, stencils and found objects, igniting or rejuvenating their artistic practice. Each attendee was required to bring at least 2 photos that represent a cherished memory or sentimental object. This served as the foundation for their artistic exploration.

I conducted a 45-minute demonstration giving personalized feedback to each individual photol. With my guidance and collaborative support from the group, attendees applied their visual narratives onto an 8” x 8” square canvas.

Results & Testimonials

The workshop was a success with a total of 9 attendees of various professional backgrounds. Each person engaged in the medium with curiosity and openness. I was able to provide a fair amount of personalized attention to each student. 

“It was inspiring for me to hear everyone’s stories about the images they chose, and even more inspiring to see what was created out of these images. What I took from this workshop was the value of community and family in art making - so often my creative endeavours are solo projects, so it was refreshing to be amongst others and feel held by the group and the space.” — Kaya T. 

“Seeing Jeremy's quick iterations [was the most valuable aspect of the workshop]. As a creative, it's easy to get stuck in the process but watching Jeremy willingly show us his process and not judging his instincts too much was refreshing and inspiring.” — David M.