Jess X. Snow


Type design

2D animation


Directed by Jess X. Snow
Written by: Jess X. Snow and Kit Yan
Produced by: Yumeng Han, Akemi Look, Frisly Soberanis, Eris Qian
Cinematography by: Eileen Yoon
Edited by: Andrew Migliori


Original title sequence and credits design for filmmaker Jess X. Snow’s film Roots That Reach Toward The Sky.

Plot description

After her immigrant mother’s Chinese herbal medicine store gets vandalized, Kai, a botanist and heir to her mother’s ancestral practice, has a nervous breakdown and decides to close up shop for good. Upon discovering news of her grandmother's passing overseas, Kai is forced to navigate her mother’s grief and her activist partner’s rage and choose what’s most important to her: her mental health or her family.

A matriarchal inter-generational drama about how the diasporic plants that are considered “invasive species” can actually bring us profound healing.