Pop-Up Magazine Productions


Art direction


Creative director: Leo Jung
Illustrator: Maddy Price
Art director and animator: Jeremy Leung
Event photography: Erin Brethauer and Jenna Garrett


Pop-up Magazine Productions is a multi-media storytelling spectacle, performed live for tens of thousands of people at historic venues across North America. Bringing together emerging and established storytellers from across media and the arts; it’s a one-of-a-kind show that incorporates music, illustration, poetry, spoken word and more. Each show welcomes those with open minds to push the boundaries of journalism and invigorates creativity and action.


I was tasked with art direction and animation for the Fall 2021 edition of the show and worked closely with writer Jon Mooallem, a long-standing journalist for the New York Times Magazine. His story “So I Built A Fence” was a spoken-word account of his personal journey to build a wooden fence encircling his home in Seattle, WA. Simultaneously heartfelt and funny, I sought an artist who could capture Jon’s story with whimsy and selected Maddy Price to tackle the illustration. With a runtime of nearly 9 minutes, I was also tasked with animating all of Maddy’s assets and constructing a video timeline. This file would be ready-to-use by the production team and be cued with the on-stage orchestra.


The production was a rousing success and was the emotional finale out of seven stories delivered on stage. The event was performed in 6 cities across the United States.